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I just happened to open the curtains upstairs to see what the weather was doing and saw a magical landscape.  I put on my jacket and went out.  The moon is almost full and the light so bright and silvery I could see everything clearly, even the colours of some objects – my car, the garage doors.  The stars seemed dim next to the moon; orion at the front of the house and when I walked to the back I saw the plough and ursa minor.  All I could hear was the soughing of the wind in the trees and the drumming sound one hears as the wind hits ones face and ears.  No owls or moorhens – then a solitary car coming along the road from St. Margaret South Elmham.  When it’s noise had died away I looked up at the stars again.  A shooting star – a millisecond of light streaking across the sky from near ursa major.  I didn’t make a wish.  There didn’t seem to be anything more to wish for.  I thank God for this beautiful world and for being alive in it.