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Scilla sibirica.  Brilliant blue flowers like miniature bluebells, they start to flower as soon as they emerge from the ground and continue elongating until they are about 10cm/4ins tall.  As you can see, mine have started to spread and the young ones are just coming up around the original group.

021Scilla (640x480)


Winter Aconites.  Eranthus hyemalis.  Hooray!  At last!  A member of the buttercup family.  I can’t get rid of creeping buttercup and these won’t spread – most confusing!

020Winter aconites (640x480)


Yellow crocus in the grass under the variegated sweet chestnut tree.

019Yellow crocus (640x480)


Yet another picture of my miniature iris, iris reticulata – I love them.  Look carefully at the bottom right of the group of flowers and you will see a bloom that has been nipped off and discarded by one of the kind animal visitors to the garden.  Towards the bottom left of the photo you can see some yellow iris danfordiae just about to come out.  I am really feeling quite smug about these as they are notoriously difficult to get to survive in this country.  The bulbs break up after flowering into bulblets which take a few years to mature and then flower.  One has to recreate the conditions where the plants originally came from – danfordiae from Turkey, reticulata from Turkey, the Caucasus, Iraq, Iran.  Good drainage; baked in summer, cold in winter.  As you can see, my soil is very stony in this bed and it is south facing so gets sun for most of the day in summer.

017Blue and purple miniature iris (640x480)


A tub containing snowdrops and tete a tete narcissi.

015Tub with snowdrops and Tete a Tete narcissi (640x480)


A rosemary flower.  Rosemary grows very well in our garden.  I have two large plants one of which is next to the front door in the herb garden.  Rosemary under the pillow wards off bad dreams and nightmares; rosemary next to the front door keeps witches away!  Rosemary for remembrance.

014Rosemary flower (640x480)


Daisies growing in the grass.  I couldn’t be without daisies.

013Daisies (640x480)


Viburnum bodnantense flowers.

012Viburnum bodnantense flowers (640x480)


And again!  I found it difficult to get the right angle to photograph them from.

011Viburnum bodnantense flowers (640x480)


Winter-flowering Honeysuckle flowers.  Again I found it difficult to photograph these.  Gorgeous scent.

010Winter-flowering honeysuckle flowers (640x480)


Christmas Box flowers.  These tiny flowers emit the most lovely scent – best on still, mild winter days.

009Christmas box in flower (640x480)


A really pretty tiny grape hyacinth.

008Grape hyacinth (640x480)


Mauve crocus under the weeping crabapple.

003Mauve crocus (640x480)


More mauve crocus.

001Mauve crocus (640x480)

Winter-flowering Jasmine.  This has been in flower since the beginning of November.

006Winter-flowering jasmine (640x480)


Two types of lichen on cotoneaster horizontalis.

005Two types of lichen on cotoneaster (640x480)


And again.


004Two types of lichen on cotoneaster (640x480)