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Here are just a few photos I have taken over the past week in my garden.

I looked out of one of the bedroom windows early in the morning and saw this muntjac resting under our hedge.

001Female muntjac (640x480)


We have had large congregations of geese in the field behind the house.


005Field with geese (640x480)

Another picture taken from an upstairs window of two graylags and two mallards feeding under the birdtable.  The birdtable is leaning a bit because of the high winds we have had and also because twenty or more rooks descend on it early in the morning and their weight causes it to list.

013Two geese, two mallards (640x480)


The greylags have started laying eggs on the island.

015Eggs on nest on island (640x480)


A couple of photos of the greylags swimming on the pond.

016Pair of geese on pond (640x480)

017Pair of geese on pond (640x480)



Some early daffodils.

013Daffodils (640x480)


And some rather stunted hyacinths.

014Hyacinths (640x480)


Some miniature daffodils.

015Miniature daffodils (640x480)


Some cuddling, sunbathing chickens.  The cockerel forced himself inbetween the hens to get the warmest place.  The hens didn’t seem to mind – just look at their faces!

016Cuddling sunbathing chickens (640x480)


A bluetit hiding in the hedge.

017Bluetit in hedge (640x480)


And a lovely sunset.


019Sunset (640x480)