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Spring is definitely progressing quite nicely.  We have had some really glorious weather recently – blue, shining days and mild, moonlit nights.  Today we had some very heavy showers – the first real rain for some time.  In fact, the mud on the roads has been drying out and cars have been causing dust clouds as they travel along our lanes.  Most of the recent signs of Spring and many of the things I have seen in the past few days I have not been able to photograph.  Either they are unphotographable like birdsong, or my camera is unable to take a decent picture of them – birds in the garden (can’t zoom in far enough) and the moon –  or I am driving somewhere and can’t stop.

More and more different types of birds are singing each day and I have noticed more pairs of birds in the garden instead of either solitary birds or flocks of birds.  The house sparrows have started building their nests under the eaves of our house.  They sound as if they are wearing hob-nailed boots as they busily sort out the old nesting sites under the roof tiles and they clatter about in the gutter chattering and arguing.  R and I look forward (I don’t think!) to the mornings when we are awoken by the sound of a happy sparrow singing at dawn -( ‘cheep!’ (two, three) ‘cheep!’ (two, three) ‘cheep!’ (two, three) ‘cheep!…..).  When R and I went out for our walk last Thursday evening we listened to many birds singing including a yellowhammer.  These birds are getting quite scarce now and this makes me sad.  The woodpeckers are starting to drum.  I heard a chiff-chaff warbler yesterday – our first summer visitor – and above my head a skylark was singing.

On Sunday evening at dusk I looked out of the kitchen window to see a large hare run along the road to the end of our drive and stop there for a minute.  It then raced across our grass at the front of the house then out of sight in the direction of the big pond.  On the way to Mum’s house on Sunday morning I had to slow down as a very small terrier dog was running up the lane keeping pace with a tractor ploughing the field next to the road.  The little dog belonged to the ploughman who waved an apology to me as I drove very carefully and slowly past.  This evening, on my way to Mum’s house again, the sky looked quite dramatic -a thick black cloud-covering which had rents in it with the pale blue evening sky showing through like silk beneath the slashes in Elizabethan clothes.

I will end this post with, first of all, some photos of my Phalaenopsis orchid which I won in a church coffee morning raffle on 5th October last year and which has been in continuous flower since then.  (Apologies to friends on Facebook who have seen this already today).  I will then add some photos of today’s sunset.

001Phalaenopsis orchid (480x640)

002Phalaenopsis orchid (640x480)

003Phalaenopsis orchid (480x640)

004Phalaenopsis orchid (640x480)

005Sunset (640x480)

006Sunset (640x480)

007Sunset (640x480)