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I have recently come home from taking my mother to the Maunday Thursday service at her church which I found quite moving.  The word Maundy is an Old English word which originally came from the latin word mandatum – mandate/command.  This refers to Christ’s command for us to love one-another.  On Maundy Thursday the Maundy money (specially minted silver coins) is distributed by the Queen.  On Maunday Thursday we commemorate Christ’s Last Supper and His washing of the feet of His disciples, even Judas Escariot’s who was about to betray Him.  The service ends with the altar being stripped of all it’s candles and cloths to leave it bare and then a vigil takes place when we pray and meditate.  Mum and I didn’t stay for the vigil as she was quite tired and she was concerned that I should get home sooner rather than later.  It was her 84th birthday today.  I tried to phone her this morning but couldn’t get through as the phone was engaged for ages.  Apparently my sister phoned and an old friend from where Mum used to work rang as well.  This was pleasing news to me.

My friend H contacted me about my last post and said that she usually calls Cuckoo Flower ‘Ladies Smock’.  I also noticed that Mr Tootlepedal mentioned Ladies Smock in his post.  I must admit that I usually call this plant Ladies Smock too but I suddenly had doubts about this and didn’t want to give wrong information out.  I then looked the plant up in a couple of my wild flower reference books and neither of them said anything about Ladies Smock so I played safe!  H also reminded me that Garlic Mustard is know as Jack-by-the-Hedge and we then had an e-mail conversation about The Flower Fairies books from where we got our first knowledge of wild and garden flowers and plants.  H thought that the sparrowhawk might also have been responsible for the possible loss of the goslings.  The geese are fierce, protective parents and bigger than the hawk but the hawk is extremely fast and, as I have mentioned, there is not much cover round the pond at the moment.  So yes, that is another possibility.

I will end with a not particularly good photo of a stock dove.  I include it because it shows the lovely iridescent green patch on the neck.


007Stock dove (640x480)