Happy Easter to everyone!

The weather today was much better than forecast.  I was woken at 6.00am by really heavy rain and thought at first that that was what we would get all day.  Fortunately, this was not the case.  We had a few more fairly heavy showers during the morning but the afternoon was dry with a couple of glimpses of the sun.  The temperature rose to the dizzy heights of 13 degrees centigrade as well!

Mum always comes to lunch on feast days but as I had to take her to church as well today, cooking the lunch and being able to eat it at lunch-time was going to prove difficult.  I got up early and managed to get a lot done by the time I had to leave for church.  I was disappointed not to be able to go to church with R and A, who has come home for the weekend, as the 9.30am service was at our church at Rumburgh.  When I arrived back home with Mum I found that a lot of work had been done by my dear family and we managed to eat our meal at 2.30pm.  I then sat around talking to the family all the afternoon feeling very tired but quite happy.  We had all exchanged little Easter gifts earlier.  When I was a girl we just had Easter chocolate eggs and sometimes we painted hen’s eggs with food dye.  With my girls things are different.  A really disliked chocolate when she was little and still doesn’t eat much of it now so I used to get her Easter-themed presents.  E also won’t eat Easter eggs (but does like chocolate) so I’ve always got her Easter gifts too.

014Easter decoration (640x480)


This is the Easter decoration in our hallway that E did for us (with apologies for the horrible carpet we can’t afford to replace yet!)

We did manage to see a male Greater Spotted Woodpecker on our peanut feeder today.

006Woodpecker on peanuts (640x427) 007Woodpecker on peanuts (640x427)



I will be able to post something longer and better tomorrow I hope.