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My Botanical Garden

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We’ve invited our friends for dinner, there has been a lot of talking and laughing,and great food, of course,and as it has to be with good food,my husband has served some good vine .I don’t remember the vine, nor the food any more, I do not remember what the talk has been about ,but I do remember the vine stopper I’ve seen then  for the first time-a plastic one.And I remember at that point we all have agreed plastic bottle stoppers are practical,cheaper and we’ve been sure about this one-ecological,saving cork trees .For to be honest,cork tree has looked as an exotic tree growing at the edge of extinction who knows where.So we’ve all been a bit proud about drinking vine with plastic stoppers,saving our planet-I must admit there havent been enough bottles to save the planet, but you must know this good feeling about being ecological…….Well, it…

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