I have been having such trouble this last week trying to write a post for my blog.  I have plenty of photos and I’ve always lots to say as you all know but, either WordPress, or my computer, or both is causing the site to crash.  I save my draft and just get to near where I left off and crash! .. it all disappears.  R thought at first it was because I use a netbook to post and it doesn’t have a lot of memory space.  So, I put all my photos on a memory stick and went upstairs to the old computer in the spare room and tried again and crash!  He now thinks that either there is a limit to the amount of photos allowed on each post or a limit on how many gigabytes allowed ( surely not?) or I have included something that has caused problems.  As the post I was trying to finish was lots of photos of wildlife in my garden interspersed with my usual waffle I am at a loss as to why.  I am leaving the draft post as a draft for the time being and will see if this one causes trouble.  If anyone can think why I have had these problems please let me know.  I am a bit of a duffer when it comes to computers so words of one syllable, please.

This summer the weather has been quite changeable and in East Anglia where I live we haven’t been as dry as usual.  I have my own personal weather gauge and according to that it has been the dampest for many years.  My weather gauge is the amount of times I have been able to dry towels outside on the washing line and this year I have only managed it twice.  I only ever wash towels on a Monday and I only hang them out during the afternoon but even so, during most summers I am able to dry towels outside almost every week from May until October.  I often dry them outside overnight which means they don’t end up like sandpaper.

The weather this week has been hot and humid and we have had a lot of thunder and lightening and very heavy rain.  A couple of nights ago the lightning flickered non-stop for an hour and a half.   R tells me the weather is the fault of the ‘Spanish Plume’.  Because of the noise of the rain drumming on the roof and the whirr of the fans going full blast I thought he said ‘Spanish flu’ and became quite confused for a while.  I questioned him saying, ‘Spanish flu?’ and he said ‘Yes’  which made things worse.  We eventually understood each other and he explained that it is a weather system – from Spain.

Despite all the dodgy weather we have had a plethora of beautiful sunsets recently so to end this post sooner rather than later and risk a crash again, these are the recent photos I have taken.001Sunset 28.06.14 006Sunset 28.06.14

Sunset on 28th June

005Sunset 006Sunset 007Sunset

Sunset on 13th July


Sunset on 17th July

047Sunset 048Sunset 050Sunset 051Sunset


The strange object at the top of the photo is a honeysuckle flower which photo-bombed the sunset picture

Sunset on 18th July

014Sunset 032Sunset 033Sunset 034Sunset 035Sunset 036Sunset 040Sunset

Sunset on 19th July

Half way through writing this post R and I had to go off to evensong at Rumburgh church.  After the service all the talk was about the amount of rain we have had in the last twenty-four hours and the thunder this afternoon which was a continuous rumble with not a pause.  One gentleman said he had two soak-aways in his front garden, neither of which were working.  The heavy boulder clay just under the top soil can be a trial sometimes.  The Rector was having the same trouble in his garden too.  One person was told we had 9ml of rain last night and someone else said we had 17ml of rain this afternoon.  In all, about 2″ of rain in a day.