I am still having trouble posting on my blog.  I had almost finished one last night and had worked for well over an hour on it when it just disappeared and all that was saved was the title.  A total waste of time!  I could have been doing something useful like the ironing and it makes me feel so frustrated.

So, here we go again.


007White butterfly on buddleja

Large White butterfly on Buddleia

We woke on Monday to a bright and breezy day with all the humidity gone.  I was able to dry my towels and all my other washing too.  The window cleaner arrived and gave all the glass a bit of sparkle.  I got through all my household chores and did some shopping in Halesworth too.


012Bumble bee on thistle

Cuckoo Bee on Spear Thistle

During the afternoon I wandered round the garden to see what there was to see.  I discovered a wasps’ nest under the garage roof tiles.  The wasps are quite small – they appear smaller than common wasps – but I could be mistaken.  If they cause us a lot of trouble they will have to go but they are such useful creatures I would rather leave them be.  They feed their young on chewed up insects including all the garden pests and flies that get into the house.  The also appear to love fennel nectar and pollinate my fennel plants.  Last year we hardly had any wasps at all and I had no fennel seeds.

018Flies on fennel

Flies all over the bronze fennel flower-head

Some of the insects I saw were a little the worse for wear.


Four-spotted Chaser on Willow

While hanging out the last lot of washing I heard what sounded like an old-fashioned plane approaching.  In fact it was two bi-planes.  I don’t know if they were just flying for fun or if they were rehearsing for an air show or a World War I commemoration display but they were ace fliers and I enjoyed watching them very much.  They weren’t flying original bi-planes but modern equivalents.




They then started practising loop-the-loops.

031Bi-plane with smoke-trail

032Bi-plane with smoke-trail

033Bi-plane with smoke-trail

034Bi-plane with smoke-trail

035Bi-plane with smoke-trail


His friend wasn’t going to be outdone and did a few loop-the-loops of his own.  I couldn’t see him quite so clearly.

037Bi-plane with smoke-trail

038Bi-plane with smoke-trail

039Bi-plane with smoke-trail


I was really impressed!  Strangely, I wasn’t alone in being excited by this display.  While all this was going on I became aware of a lot of noise coming from the St Margaret’s rookery.  The rooks had all gathered together and suddenly flew up into the sky and performed a display of their own!  Normally they only display first thing in the morning and last thing at night just before roosting.  They fly up into the sky together, circling round and round and getting higher and higher , calling to each other and chasing and weaving through the melée.  Suddenly, of one accord, they plummet down into their roost, reeds, scrubland or the tree canopy.  This is what they did on Monday afternoon.  They must have thought the planes were strange birds.



 I was disappointed not to be able to photo their descent into the tree tops.  I find birds constantly amazing!