I have noticed that there is beginning to be quite a lot of red in the garden.  This post is a collection of photos taken in the last couple of weeks.

041Harry Baker crabapples

‘Harry Baker’ crabapples

001Acer leaves

Acer leaves

008Lords and Ladies berries

Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies berries

009Greenbottle on unripe blackberry

Greenbottle on unripe blackberry

012Pheasantberry flowers

Bracts on Leycesteria or Pheasant Berry bush

018Stargazer lily

‘Stargazer’ lily

020Hydrangea flower

Hydrangea flower-head

004Desirée potatoes

Desirée potatoes

002Pink water lily

Pink water lily


008Pink Herb Robert leaves

Pink Herb Robert leaves

013Red dock seeds

Dock seedhead


Ripening haws


Ripening brambles


Marshmallow flower

014New red hawthorn leaves

New Hawthorn leaves

029New holly leaves

New Holly leaves


Saturne apple


Norfolk Biffin apple

064Tiny robin's pincushion

Tiny Robin’s Pincushion on wild rose