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During this summer and early autumn I managed to photograph a number of animals, birds, insects and other creatures in my garden.  Some of these photos are of very poor quality but I will include them as a record of what I saw.  This post will be of the birds I’ve seen in my garden.

006Great Tit (640x397)

This Great Tit has an insect in its beak and was fluttering its wings very quickly (hence the blurring). It was waiting for me to go away so that it could feed its chicks in a nest box we have in the garden.

007Great Tit (640x504)

I quickly took another photograph and then walked away

036Great tit with insect (640x443)

Here is one of the pair of Great Tits using that same nest box nearly two weeks later. I am fascinated to see how carefully they hold the insects in their beaks so as not to crush them.

018Greenfinch (640x427)

This is a Greenfinch. There are always plenty of these in the garden. The feeder pole is always leaning and covered in mud because of the squirrels and rooks that use the feeder too.

003Cock Pheasant (640x427)

I didn’t quite get all of this cock Pheasant’s tail.

038Cock pheasant (640x427)

Cock Pheasant

039Cock pheasant (640x427)

Cock Pheasant

025Female blackbird (640x434)

A female Blackbird collecting insects for her chicks.

037Female blackbird (640x427)

Another female Blackbird searching for food.

036Female blackbird (640x427)

And again.

My daughter came running to me one day saying that there was a strange bird in our garden.  She described it as being half duck, half chicken.  I had to have a look and discovered that one of our neighbour’s Muscovy Ducks was visiting us.  If you have ever seen a Muscovy Duck walking you will know that they move their head and neck back and forth while walking just like a chicken does.

033Muscovy duck (640x427)

Female Muscovy Duck

034Muscovy duck (640x427)

Walking like a chicken

I thought I would post this photo of a Wren again as I was quite pleased to get it.  Wrens are quite shy birds and fairly small (3.75″) but have very loud voices.




I’ve posted this photo of a Robin before too

005Female greater spotted woodpecker (640x427)

Female Greater Spotted Woodpecker

006Male chaffinch (640x493)

Male Chaffinch

007Pied wagtail (640x442)

Pied Wagtail

009Rook (640x427)


010Rook (640x427)


011Coal tit (640x499)

Coal Tit. These birds are very slightly smaller than Blue Tits at about 4.5″. You can see the mud on the feeder that the Rooks put there with their dirty feet and beaks!

012Male house sparrow (640x491)

Male House Sparrow

049Rear view of moorhen (640x437)

The usual rear view of a Moorhen as it runs off down the garden

012Blackbird (640x427)

A male Blackbird at dusk