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041Dunnock (640x427)

This is a Dunnock. They used to be called Hedge Sparrows but they are not like sparrows at all except for their brown and grey colouring. They have quite a bright jangling song and search for food mainly on the ground under hedges and shrubs.

This post will be of more photos of birds I saw this summer and autumn in my garden.  We are very lucky to have so many types of bird visiting.

042Dunnock (640x427)

The dunnock realised I was looking at it and so looked at me.

043Dunnock (640x427)

It then tried to edge behind the hawthorn leaf to hide.

062Green Woodpecker (640x419)

A Green Woodpecker also known as a Yaffle because of its laughing call. This bird is a juvenile as it hasn’t got its full green plumage yet. I hardly ever see these birds in trees. They love ants and ants’ eggs I am pleased to say, and are very welcome in our garden which is ‘ant city’.

065Green Woodpecker (640x427)

They are such attractive birds with their black masks and cherry-red, olive-green, grey-green and primrose-yellow plumage.

064Female pheasant (640x427)

I have re-posted this photo of a female pheasant to show how drab they are compared with the males. Their feathers are so good at blending in with grasses  which is very useful at nesting-time.

063Stock dove (640x427)

A Stock Dove

049Swallow (640x507)

A Swallow – one of our summer visitors. I miss them very much when they fly south for the winter. They left very early this year because we had such a cool August.

050Swallow (640x454)


039Seagulls (640x433)

Another re-post of Black-headed Seagulls in the field behind our house. These were losing their summer plumage. During the winter they don’t have a black head only a black spot on the side of the head. And it isn’t black but dark brown!

012Buzzard (640x469)

A Buzzard flying over our house. Buzzards have returned to East Anglia in the last few years having been absent for a very long time.

I must apologise for the quality of the next photograph.  I am including it because I am so pleased and excited to have seen this bird at all, let alone seeing it in my garden.  It decided to perch in a very shaded part of the garden by the pond and I couldn’t focus on it at all.

011Kingfisher (640x467)

The orange and blue bird with white throat and neck patch is a Kingfisher