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048View (640x427)

Tittesworth Reservoir  

After a very pleasant afternoon spent in Manchester with my mother-in-law, Richard and I returned to our caravan near Leek via the ‘Cat and Fiddle’ pass.  This is a road that crosses the Peaks from Macclesfield to Buxton with the Cat and Fiddle pub at the summit at an altitude of 1690 feet.  This has often been voted Britain’s most dangerous road as it has drystone walls along it and has many sharp and sometimes blind bends.  It is a favourite road with motorcyclists.  Richard drove carefully and we enjoyed glorious views across the Cheshire plains and over the moors.  No photographs I’m afraid.

We had a quick meal and after a short rain shower passed over us we decided to go out for an evening walk.  Our favourite short walk is up Hen Cloud and this is what we decided to do that evening.

002View from road HC (640x480)

The shower disappearing over the hill

The hill is a short drive from our camp-site – we can get there in less than ten minutes.

004HenCloud (640x480)

This is Hen Cloud seen from where we parked our car.

006Ascent (640x480)

The most strenuous part of the walk is the steep ascent up the side of a field from the road which always leaves us a little breathless.

007The Roaches (640x480)

At the top of the field is a gate on the right leading to the path up Hen Cloud.  If we look left we see The Roaches.  The word ‘Roaches’ derives from the French word roches – rocks.

013View (640x480)

This is what The Roaches look like when we have ascended Hen Cloud a little.

014Tittesworth Res (480x640)

A view of Tittesworth Reservoir (or Tittesworth Water as it is now called) from near the top of Hen Cloud

016Path (640x480)

As you can see the path is fairly easy and goes through heather and cotton grass.

020Tittesworth Res (640x480)

Tittesworth Water from the top of Hen Cloud. Why do some people feel it necessary to cut their names and messages into rocks and trees?

021Drop to road (640x480)

Looking through a gap in the rock we see the steep drop to the road below.

033Roaches (640x427)

Another view of the Roaches. It has only taken us half an hour to get up here and we are old and infirm – well – nearly!

035View (640x427)

A different view from the top of Hen Cloud

037View (640x427)

And another!

045View (640x427)

Tittesworth Water again

046View (640x427)

These rocks are on the edge of the escarpment

047View camp (640x427)

On the other side of the line of trees below us was a camp full of teenage girls. You wouldn’t believe the noise of incessant chatter that floated up to us on the still evening air! Or perhaps you would, if you have anything to do with teenage girls!

052Rocks (640x427)

A close-up of one of the rocks. This, I believe, is Gritstone which erodes easily. It is a coarse type of Sandstone.

055Plants (640x427)

Grasses and flowers living in the cracks in the rocks.  A few lichens there too.

056Rocks (640x427)

Strange rock shapes

057Rocks (640x427)

And more strange rocks.

We are always a little sad to leave the top of Hen Cloud.