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IMG_4307Daffodil Day (640x480)

The garden with the bridge over the water

Every year a friend from church holds a Daffodil Day in her garden in aid of her church.  We get to walk round her wonderful garden full of spring flowers and also partake of refreshments provided by her and her colleagues.  There are stalls selling plants and cakes and other produce and also raffles and a tombola.

IMG_4303The Old Rectory (640x453)

A wet and windy afternoon

This year’s Daffodil Day wasn’t as successful as usual because of the awful weather on Sunday.  There were frequent heavy showers often merging into more prolonged rain.  The wind was very blustery and many people were put off from attending.  Towards the end of the afternoon there was even a thunder-storm!

IMG_4304Daffodil Day (640x480)

Not as many flowers as usual because of the cold weather 

Richard and I arrived in the early afternoon and parked our car in one of the less muddy places.  We enjoyed a hot drink and a cake while sitting under the awning.  We bought a couple of small cakes and a pot of raspberry jam.  We took part in the tombola and bought two plants.

IMG_4306Daffodil Day (640x480)

I love this yew hedge!

IMG_4308Daffodil Day (480x640)

It has an inviting archway.

IMG_4309Daffodil Day (640x480)

The many trees are under-planted with daffodils and other spring bulbs.  There are primroses and snowdrops and violets and many other pretty flowers.

IMG_4310Daffodil Day (480x640)

A tree just starting to blossom

IMG_4312Daffodil Day (640x480)


IMG_4313Daffodil Day (640x480)


IMG_4314Daffodil Day (640x480)

The summer-house 

IMG_4317Daffodil Day (640x480)

View of St Margaret’s church through the trees

This post is dedicated to wonderful people like Cordelia who work so hard all the time to raise funds for good causes with often very little return.