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In my post at the beginning of the month I wondered if March would go out like a lamb because it had come in like a lion.  Well – no – the month is going out as it came in, with gales!

IMG_4322Hyacinths (640x480)

I have just been outside and found my poor Hyacinths have been flattened!  These are Hyacinthus Delft Blue.

IMG_4318Blackthorn (640x480)

The Blackthorn tree (Prunus spinosa), just coming into flower, has been battered.

IMG_4320Blackthorn blossom (640x480)

The flowers are being ripped off the trees by the wind.

Ten days ago the local farmer began muck-spreading and we have only just got rid of the smell!

IMG_1976Muck spreading (640x427)

More countryside joys!

IMG_1978Starling (640x421)

We have had a small flock of Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) visiting our garden during the past week.

IMG_1980Mallards (640x447)

Despite my having put the ground feeder in a cage with extra chicken wire on two sides of it, the Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) seem determined to get to the bird seed.

IMG_1984Daffodils (640x427)

The daffodils are coming out nicely around the garden.

IMG_1986Path round the pond (640x427)

The path round the pond is beginning to green up nicely.

IMG_1987Early Dog-violets (640x427)

The Early Dog-violets (Viola reichenbachiana) that grow in the grass-path round the pond are looking very pretty.

IMG_1988Early Dog-violet (640x427)

Early Dog-violet (Viola reichenbachiana)

IMG_1985Primroses (640x427)

The Primroses (Primula vulgaris) in the ditch are looking fine too. When we first came to live here there weren’t any primroses at all, only cowslips. These have appeared in the last couple of years.

IMG_1994Geese (640x427)

The Greylag geese (Anser anser) often come up close to the house to see what food there is for them to eat.

IMG_1992Goose nest (640x427)

I took advantage of their absence and had a look at the nest which has a few eggs in it. This was taken before the goose had finished laying her eggs and started sitting on the nest.

IMG_4296Garden (640x480)

This is the garden on the south side of the house. Work in progress: I have cleared the beds of weeds and other unwanted seedlings and will cover them with soil-improver next.

The central grass path will be kept (there is a flowerbed just out of shot on the left) and I want to position a couple of arches over it and train roses and clematis up them.

IMG_4297Garden (480x640)

This narrow area of grass is difficult to mow and will eventually be removed and replaced with a gravel bed and stepping-stones to give access to the windows, electricity meter and the drain.

The soil here is very poor; full of stones and builder’s rubble.  I am constantly finding very large flints just under the surface.  People in days gone by used to think that stones grew and I can understand why they might think that.

IMG_4298Flint boulder (640x480)

This is a flint boulder I dug up last week – the ruler is a 30 cm one.

IMG_4321Flint boulder (640x480)

I put a pot with a primula in next to the boulder to give you an idea of the size.



These Scillas are flowering in the flowerbed on the left of the grass path.  I have yet to weed here!



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