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In between racing about in my car to Norwich and Mum’s house, the doctor’s surgery and the hospital, shopping trips to Harleston, Halesworth, Bungay and Diss, I have been able to take my camera with me as I walk round the garden, filling all the bird feeders.  I haven’t had time for any gardening for about ten days and I miss it!  The weather here has continued bright and dry with frosty, misty mornings and warmish days (as long as you are out of the chilly NE wind).  Today has been much warmer with a change of wind direction but according to the forecast, this will not last.  Rain and cold are set to return by the end of the weekend.

IMG_2026Hawthorn (640x427)

Hawthorn leaves. We have two types of Hawthorn in our garden hedges, Common Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and Midland Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata). This is probably Midland Hawthorn or maybe a hybrid between the two.

IMG_2027Daisy (640x427)

A Daisy (Bellis perennis). I love its simplicity.

IMG_2029Elder (640x427)

The Elder leaves (Sambucus nigra) are now almost fully out and have lost the pink tinge they had. They are matte mid-green leaves.  Last year we had the best elder blossom I’d seen for many years.

IMG_2035Pussy Willow (640x482)

Goat Willow or Sallow catkins (Salix caprea). Male and female catkins are on separate trees and appear before the leaves. Sallows are a food plant for many different types of moth. The catkins are known as ‘Pussy Willow’ when they first appear as they look and feel like silky cats paws.

IMG_2038Heartsease (640x427)

I found a Heartsease or Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor) plant on the path round the big pond. Next to it there is also the first rosette of Spear Thistle leaves (Cirsium vulgare).

IMG_2044Birch (640x427)

Silver Birch leaves (Betula pendula)

IMG_2046 (640x427)

I love standing underneath our tree and looking up. Silver Birches eventually grow to be about 26 metres tall. I don’t think ours has quite got there yet.

IMG_2048Bluetit (640x427)

This Bluetit (Parus caeruleus) sitting in the Birch tree looks a little strange. It has a black sunflower seed in its beak.

IMG_2049Bluetit (640x427)

It spent some time taking the seedcase off…

IMG_2050Bluetit (640x427)

…and eating the seed within.

IMG_2055Geese (640x427)

The Greylags (Anser anser) have been amusing me a lot lately. The geese are much calmer than the ganders. The goose here is up close eating some food I put out for it. The gander is further away and hissing at me.

IMG_4468Greylag (640x480)

This one I found the other morning standing on top of the hedge.

IMG_2043Goose (640x427)

The original goose on her nest on the island…

IMG_4469Greylags nesting (640x480)

…was joined last weekend by another goose (nearest to us).

IMG_4472Goose nest (640x480)

A third goose has made her nest on the edge of the pond. I surprised her and she surprised me when I walked round the pond yesterday. I am not sure how successful this nest will be as it is quite vulnerable to fox predation.

IMG_4474Dandelion (640x480)

A Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

IMG_4477Daffodils (480x640)

Daffodils along the ditch at the front of the house

IMG_2051Daffodil (640x427)

Daffodils at the top of the ditch between us and the old School House.

IMG_2052Rhubarb (640x427)

Our Rhubarb (Rheum x hybridum ‘Timperley Early’) looking majestic.

IMG_2067Shrub rose (640x427)

A very early flowering near-species rose has buds on it. (Rosa xanthina  ‘Canary Bird’)

IMG_2065Aubretia (640x427)


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IMG_4403Snail trail (480x640)

Richard pointed out this snail trail up the side of the house!

IMG_4404Deer (640x513)

I saw this Muntjac deer doe very early the other morning. It was eating the crabapple tree! The leaf shapes on the window are meant to stop birds crashing into the glass but aren’t very successful. I usually have to pull the window-blind down to stop them!

IMG_4405Deer (640x480)

Very blurred photo! You can see how stocky/thickset these deer are and also the white in their ears.

IMG_4406Deer (640x480)

The does don’t have antlers but have a dark triangular patch on their foreheads.

IMG_4408Deer (640x480)

I think I see her tongue sticking out as she chews a mouthful of leafy twig.

IMG_4409Deer (640x480)

I had great trouble trying to focus on the deer. The camera wanted to focus on the window glass of the double-glazing or the daffodils behind the deer.

IMG_4416The new mower (640x480)

Richard on his new tractor-mower. The old one wasn’t working too well so we part-exchanged it for a newer, better model. It has a mulching facility which will be good to use in the summer.

I must share some good news I heard today.  My daughter Alice has been told she has her PhD.  She is now Doctor Alice!  I  am so proud of her.

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