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IMG_4329French Partridge (640x480)

I was surprised to see two Red-legged Partridges (Alectoris rufa) in my garden one morning as I opened the kitchen blinds.

IMG_2008French Partridge (640x427)

This one had obviously had a bad night.

IMG_2010French Partridge (640x427)

Please ignore the weedy flowerbed – I have since tidied it up.

IMG_2011French Partridge (640x427)

Shortly after I took this photo they both flew away.

IMG_2056Euonymus (640x427)

The variagated Euonymus is looking bright with new leaves.

IMG_2057Pieris (640x427)

The Pieris ‘Forest Fire’ has tiny new pink leaves

IMG_2066Clematis (640x427)

The Clematis montana ‘Rubens’ I cut back a few weeks ago is showing me that it won’t be beaten.

IMG_2068Rosemary (640x427)

The Rosemary is still flowering beautifully

IMG_4441Ash flowers (640x480)

The Ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) are flowering.

IMG_4441Ash flowers (2) (640x471)

The flowers are very small and a warm purple colour. Ash trees have separate male and female flowers, mainly on separate trees but there are a few trees that have both male and female flowers but on separate branches! The trees around us are all females and produce thousands of Ash ‘keys’, winged seeds that hang from the trees in bunches in the autumn. My mother has plenty of Ash trees near her house but all hers are males – so no ‘keys’.

IMG_4444Greylag (640x480)

A reflective Greylag!

IMG_4449Bumblebee on White Dead-nettle (640x480)

A bumblebee on White Dead-nettle (Lamium album)

IMG_4454The ditch (640x480)

A very over-grown corner of our garden. This ditch doesn’t belong to us but is part of the common land between our garden and the road. I expect that no-one will take responsibility for looking after this but if there is a problem with it in the future we will no doubt be asked to deal with it!

IMG_4458Amelanchier (640x480)

The Amelanchier is blossoming.

IMG_4459Viburnum (640x480)

The Viburnum bodnantense produces dark pink flowers in the spring and pale pink or white flowers during the winter

IMG_4460Wild Cherry (640x480)

Wild Cherry blossom (Prunus avium)

IMG_4461Wild Cherry (640x480)

Wild Cherry

IMG_4462Pasque Flower (640x480)

Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris)

IMG_4463Saxifrage (640x480) (2)

Red Saxifrage

IMG_4467Tulip (640x480)

A soft pink Tulip

IMG_4466Tulip (640x480)

It looks so different depending on the angle from which I photograph it

IMG_4465Tulips (640x480)


IMG_4470Bristly Oxtongue (640x480)

The new leaves of Bristly Ox-tongue (Picris echioides).  Another member of the Daisy family.

IMG_4476Crabapple 'Harry Baker' (640x480)

Crabapple ‘Harry Baker’ flower buds

I had an on-line conversation with a member of the WordPress team a week or so ago and asked about my missing posts.  The person who dealt with my enquiry was extremely helpful but was unable to retrieve them.  He would have been able to retrieve three old posts I had deleted on purpose but was unable to find the ones that had disappeared!  Fortunately, a very dear friend who is an e-mail follower has been saving my posts and has sent all the missing ones to me.  When I have the time I may post a page with them on for anyones information.

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