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There isn’t much of interest to report – we have been busy and we are all very tired but there isn’t much to show for it all.

We have had a new suite of furniture delivered for our living room and the old sofas and reclining chair have been donated to Emmaus a charity that helps and supports the homeless.  They have a second-hand retail shop at Ditchingham, a village a few miles to the north of us which is where our furniture was taken.  The new furniture is very different but extremely comfortable.  It is also less bulky than our old furniture so our living room seems a little bigger.

Our old shed has been demolished and we have had a concrete pad laid next to the tool shed where we will put a new potting shed.  Getting rid of the old shed, which really was an eyesore, has opened up the garden at the north side of the house.  Richard has dug over the soil which was underneath the shed and will add organic matter to it to help rejuvenate it.  Eventually, he would like to plant flowering shrubs there.  He has also added compost to and dug over the soil in the vegetable beds.  The potatoes are ready for planting and Richard will begin sowing pea and bean seeds in pots soon.  The weather has been much too cold recently for anything to be planted outside and as we have an unheated greenhouse we daren’t sow seeds there just yet either.

Last week we saw quite a lot of sunshine and even though the wind was from the north-east and very cold everything seemed very spring-like.  This week there has been increasing amounts of cloud and a lot of drizzly rain so with the cold wind it feels like a return of winter.  The daytime temperature has stayed between 5 and 6 degrees C all the week.

I walked round the garden last week and took a few photographs in the sunshine.


A Mallard swimming on the big pond


Mallard drake


Primroses in one of the ditches round the garden


Daffodils flowering on the bank of the big pond

IMG_2687Rook's nest-001

A Rook’s nest being built in the Ash tree.

I have seen the heron in the garden a few times.


I tried to sneak up on the heron as it stood at the side of the pond but it saw me and flew into the field behind our house. This is a poor photo that has been severely cropped.

I found a half-eaten fish on the path round the pond which could have been left there by the heron or by the otter which is causing owners of ponds in our area to wish the otter was living many miles away!

IMG_2701Sweet violet

Sweet violet








My choice of music for this post is Emmanuel Chabrier’s ‘Suite Pastorale’.  As soon as I hear it I think of spring days in the countryside – cool breezes, sparkling streams, flowers and singing birds.  I hope you like the music as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting!