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There have been a couple of incidents in this part of Suffolk recently which have brought us notoriety.  The first was a hit-and-run death in Bungay’s Bridge Street (see here) and the second is a possible double murder in nearby Weybread (see here) so it is very satisfying to know that there is some good local news to be had.  The Women’s Tour of Britain starts on Wednesday 15th of June and the first stage is to be here in East Anglia.


If you click on the above map profile you will see a number of place names that feature in my posts – my house is situated somewhere under the bottom right hand corner of the Homersfield label!  You will see from the map that most of the area lies only a few metres above sea-level and that there are very few main roads and very few railway lines.  We are wondering how we will get Elinor into college in Norwich on Wednesday morning!


This weekend Britain has been celebrating the Queen’s official 90th birthday with lots of parties and concerts.  As is usual at this time the Queen attends the Trooping of the Colour and this is always accompanied by a fly-past.  There is always a rehearsal of this on the Tuesday before and the planes fly over my house.  I had forgotten about it until I heard a roaring above my head and then rushed to find my camera!  The results are not that good but here is a link to a former post with better pictures.


I just caught these before they disappeared out of sight


I wasn’t well-placed to get good pictures of these planes…


…or these!

My brother posted on Facebook that the actual flypast for Trooping of the Colour flew over his house yesterday morning.  He lives south-east of us in Suffolk.


Richard has been visiting his brother in Manchester this week and arrived back home yesterday.  He had had lunch with an old friend on Thursday and had seen lots of people wearing ‘AC/DC’ tee-shirts, all off to a concert at the Etihad Stadium – the home of Manchester City Football Club.  I mentioned that I had seen AC/DC live at a day’s festival in 1979 at Wembley Stadium but that they weren’t a favourite group of mine.  I then tried to remember who else was on the bill – but was only sure of The Stranglers.  The clearest memory of the day was trying to avoid being hit by gallon jugs of cider or beer being thrown into the air by some of the boys.  Richard then googled ‘Stranglers concert 1979’ and he came up with this!


I had entirely forgotten I had seen The Who! And Nils Lofgren!  Reading this link I was surprised to see I had watched all these acts for £8 and that a gallon of rough cider had cost £4!  If anyone is at all interested there are a number of poor quality videos on Youtube of the concert on 18th August 1979.  You won’t be able to see 20-year-old me in the crowd of 80,000 you will be disappointed to know!  On the video below you can see snippets of all four acts.


For some months I have been following a lovely blog written by Kate Young called The Little Library Café.  Those of you who read The Guardian newspaper will probably know about her.  She is a young Australian woman who now lives in England and who combines her love of literature with her love of cooking and re-creates the food she has read about in her favourite books.  She is bringing out her first cookery book in October 2017.  Here is a link to The Little Library Café.  Here is a link to one of her excellent posts.  Here is a link to her Guardian site.  I really hope you enjoy her posts as much as I do, which is a lot – and I don’t enjoy cooking at all!


And now for my musical choice!

I like this gentle song called ‘Winter Garden’.  Listen out for the sweet trombone playing towards the end of the track.

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