I was most impressed by this post from Andy Dodwell; I hope you can find the time to read it.

Shared Thinking

FB_20160616_12_28_13_Saved_PictureLast Sunday we were thinking about the celebrations of the Queen’s 90th birthday, and also looking at 2 passages from the Bible- one in Luke chapter 7 verse 36- 8:3 and the other in Galatians 2:15-21. As well as this I wanted to respond to some questions I’d been asked about the referendum, but without telling people which box to tick… so this is what I ended up writing. If you prefer to listen, go here.

In the days since last Sunday I’ve been reading and thinking more, and have concluded that I’m going to write a post about which way I’m choosing to vote and how I’ve come to that conclusion… hopefully that will be up tomorrow.

So, last weekend:

Very often when we look at someone else’s position in life, we see their rights and privileges, but when we look to our own lives, we see…

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