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I may not have been writing posts for some months but I have been trying to keep up with my blogging friends.  One of these friends is Charlotte Hoather, an operatic star in the making.  Some of you may know her.

I have been following her career for a few years now and am constantly amazed at her dedication, courage, energy, generosity, humility and most important of all, her tremendous talent.

I include here, a recent post of hers in which she describes how she deals with the pressures of the life she leads.  How many of us could cope so well?


If you would like to find out why she decided to embark on an operatic career, the difficulties she has encountered and overcome on the way and why she blogs, please look at the following post.  Please do click on the videos she has included.  Watch her perform and listen to her wonderful voice.


Have you seen how many WordPress followers she has?!  I am in awe of her.