Read this account of a young French woman who is beginning to recover from Covid-19


I got it. Yep, it had to be this way. When you live in the most impacted region in France and that your colleagues and relatives start having symptoms, you just pray to be asymptomatic. Yep. I got it.

After slowly witnessing people get sick, I thought I would most probably develop mild symptoms of it, as I’m young and healthy. Sometimes I allowed myself to believe I would not even get it at all. And even if I would get flu symptoms, it would be ok.

Am I a lucky one? Nope.

It was like a domino chain. One colleague announced she had fever, another had clearly a bad flu. Then others started feeling sick and some were already coughing strongly. But hey, you know why? At that point it could be the real flu.

Well, I’m young and healthy. What could this coronavirus do to me? Let’s see.

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