GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and This Site

In accordance with the EU (European Union) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) as of 25th May 2018, I am letting you know what data this blog holds, how I am looking after it and what I use it for.

This blog ( is a diary blog which also includes posts about some of the places I visit and information on natural history, architecture, music and many other subjects.  It is a hobby site and not a business.

Each time you visit my blog certain information about you is stored here.  This information includes your name, your e-mail address, your IP (Internet Protocol) address and your site URL (Uniform Resource Locator).  The blog also stores the date and time you visit.  Cookies also collect relevant information about you.

Other visitors to this blog will also be able to access this information and you have a right to ask for this information to be deleted.  Akismet (the default SPAM filter) also gathers information about you.

This data will not be sold or shared with any 3rd parties except in compliance with law authorities.

The data is stored to enable comments and feedback on this blog to be made more easily.

Thank you for your time.