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IMG_4064Pecan and maple   syrup loaf (640x480)

Pecan and maple-syrup loaf made in the breadmaker

For the past couple of years I have been making almost all the bread we eat using a bread-maker.  If I had the time and strength in my hands I wouldn’t use the bread-maker as much as I do but would knead my own dough.  However, needs must and so I use the machine.  Bread-makers don’t make perfect loaves but the bread is so much nicer than most shop-bought loaves; the texture and the taste especially.  We know what goes into the loaves – there are no hidden ingredients – and I try to use the best flour available to me.  For white flour I use Marriage’s Strong Organic and until November I used Pakenham Water Mill Flour for my wholemeal flour.  Since November I have not been able to buy Pakenham’s flour as the farm shop I used had to close down.  The mill itself isn’t open at weekends during the winter and I can’t get there on Thursday mornings when it is open.  I have been using Marriage’s Strong Wholemeal flour instead.  The results are not the same.  The bread is heavier in texture and the loaves don’t rise so well as when I use Pakenham’s flour.  I am looking forward to Easter when the mill re-opens for the summer.

048Mill and farm (640x427)

This is Pakenham Water Mill (on the right) and the former miller’s house.

We have visited the mill a couple of times for a tour and these photographs were taken last summer.

001Scones at watermill tearoom (640x480)

They have a little tea shop in the miller’s house and Richard and I partook of scones and tea. Richard had cheese and chutney with his scone and I had clotted cream and jam with mine.

They make all their cakes, bread and scones using their own flour.  The flour is made from locally grown wheat and is milled twice to make it as smooth as silk.

002The kitchen (640x480)

This is the view I had of the little kitchen where two ladies prepared all the meals for the visitors.

013The river (640x480)

The view of the river across the road in front of the mill

014The river (640x480)

The river at the back of the mill. They have a bird-feeder hanging from the ancient plough.

017The swans (640x480)

The Mute Swans that live on the mill pond

020Mill pond (640x480)

The mill pond. The pond never dries up as there are a number of springs feeding it all year round.

033The miller's house (640x480)

The miller’s house

034Windmill (640x480)

Pakenham also has a windmill and it can be seen from the bottom of the watermill’s garden

037Elderberries (640x480)

Elderberries ripening in the garden

038Heartsease (640x480)

Heartsease growing in the grass

039Martin's nests (640x480)

House Martin’s nests under the eaves

053Mill pond (640x427)

The boat on the mill pond

004Pakenham Water Mill (640x480)

A photograph of the mill I took in 2013 during a previous visit.

Please try to click on the link to the watermill if you have the time.  It describes the working of the mill and its history (briefly!) better than I could ever do.

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036The watermill (640x480)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the watermill!